Pen Turning Kits

Although your initial outlay for pen turning kits may be considered expensive, that is if you are starting from scratch, your rewards producing and selling, or presenting as gifts, will be repaid many times over. It isn’t an occupation or hobby that is too difficult to achieve as you can see in the video, which is the best way of showing you how easy the project is.

There is machinery such as a miter saw to cut the wood or acrylic blank squarely and a drill press to bore the hole for the ink cartridge, which will make the job much easier and quicker. However most of us can cut a small piece of wood reasonably squarely and the lathe can be used to drill the hole. The best drill bit to cut the hole is a Parabolic flute bit, which dispels the woodchips quicker.

All kits whether they be pencil, pen, key ring, letter opener, perfume applicator or many more come with detailed instructions and diagrams to ensure each step in the process is perfect. Having the kits for all the products you can make will no doubt give you a thriving industry.

Lets have a look at the video, I'm sure after watching it you’ll want to get started asap.

I previously wrote about the Jet pen lathe as my choice of best wood lathe and as you have just seen, it is the choice of Rockler and also Woodcraft. Here’s a list of all the equipment you may wish to obtain if you are thinking of earning a living from wood turning.

  • Wood lathe
  • Drill press
  • Miter saw or table saw
  • Pen mill, which squares an uneven cut and cleans the bore after assembly gluing or belt sander
  • Turning tools, minimum ¾” gouge
  • Quick grip clamp, to squeeze the sections together
  • Accessories which come with the pen turning kits, Sandpapers, Glue, Blanks( wood or plastic), Mandrel, the temporary bolt which slides inside the blanks and bushes when turning, Wax or oil (Your choice of coating)
  • Essential Tips

  • Cutting The blank has to be cut into 2 pieces, the sizes dependant upon the type of pen you are making and must be square so that they are snug with the metal fittings
  • The bore As central as possible, although a little tolerance is ok because of the thickness of the blank
  • Turning Take care not to get too close to the metal bushes, i.e. within 1/32" is sufficient as the remainder can be done with sandpaper. The bushes can then be reused on your next pen.
  • Marking Before cutting the blank mark the piece along the grain with a pencil or marker pen and keep the pieces together after cutting
  • Sanding Keep the sandpaper moving across the blank and be aware that the rough sandpaper will reduce the blank quickly.
  • Finish Apply the wax or oil finish to the blanks whilst the lathe is turning to ensure an overall consistency.
  • Practice Makes Perfect

    This statement applies to most things in life but by following the pen turning kits instructions you won’t need much practice to gain perfection. I believe patience is the required virtue, so take things easy, methodically and unrushed and you will be overjoyed at your results.

    Could I now add, please write to me with your pen! Regrettably you will probably have to type your message! I wish you many rewarding hours of turning and once you have gained experience through your projects, perhaps I will bump into you as you create your own website, in which you will talk of your adventures and earn yourself some income whilst doing it.,

    The best 2 priced suppliers of these pen turning kits are Rockler and Woodcraft, both have extensive stocks of kits and parts no matter what size or shape you have in mind.

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