The Start of My Woodworking Carpentry

Woodworking Carpentry – a craft worth learning

When I was 8 years old, my old man bought a complete set of woodworking carpentry hand tools and from that moment my destiny was sealed,

“To become a carpenter.”

I passed my 'O' Level JMB in woodworking at school, having been tutored to make book shelves, wood turned dishes, stools, racks and many different joints.I am 62 years old now and have worked in the woodworking carpentry industry for 43 years.

I am now using all my experiences to whittle down for you relevant information of woodworking projects, tools to use, and materials to shape your ideas to completion.

1st Woodworking, Carpentry Job

My first woodworking job was as a boat fitter, building the bunks, galleys, convertible beds dining seats and tables. Most of the boats were 22' and 32' cabin cruisers to sail off shore. Me and my two brothers in law made speed boats in our spare time, unfortunately it didn't last too long, partly because foreign travel was becoming more popular and partly because we were naive. We trusted our salesman who floated off with them.

Learned How to Construct Roofs, Joists, Floors etc

Still a single man, I ventured to London to complete a six month period making Timex display cabinets and scabbards for Wilkinson Sword and was accomplished enough to work for a short while at the Cafe Royal. The capitol's bright lights were too bright for me, so I returned home to begin the site carpentry phase of my career and become a married man.

On site I learned how to construct roofs, joists, floors, studding, casings and doors, skirting boards and architraves, staircases and kitchens. When the site finished I moved into Bar fitting and pub refurbishment for 6 years.

Over the Years Taught 7 Apprentices

With the help of 7 apprentices over the years, I made a healthy living. I am reassured to know the apprentices have all prospered. In my evenings I studied to become a teacher but once qualified only taught my own apprentices.

Renovating Projects in France/England

My last 15 years have been spent renovating properties, both in England and France in which time I have become reasonable in plastering and brick laying. During my long career I also re-slated roofs with the help of my brother in law and best mate Roly. How he coped I’ll never know, as at age 19, his left leg was amputated below the knee as a result of a traffic accident. It broke my heart when he passed away in 2008.

Knee Replacements

In 2010 I had both knees replaced and because of that and wanting another challenge (not another you might say) have begun writing my experiences and recommendations, which I'm sure you will find useful and will expand in time.

I searched the Internet looking for a web hosting company who provided all I would need to build my website and I believe I’ve found the best there is to build my woodworking carpentry site, at Solo Build It.

Come back and see me or send me your stories, or ask for my advice anytime.

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