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This introduction about SiteSell, which is my website hosting company, is for everyone who has thought or never thought, of building a website.

I am writing this today because I have finished everything else I had to do ! I've updated my pages, read comments made by the boss and am dawdling this whilst mucking about on the keypad. I never dreamt I'd be able to type ! It's quite a challenge when I've been used to working with wood all my life.

The strange thing is, I quite enjoy being sat on my bum instead of balancing on a wall plate, juggling roof trusses.

I just have to insert a link because time is short and I wouldn't like you to miss out on an historic saving which only lasts until the 5th July. Independence Special

I'll tell you how I got into this website business. I had to have my knees replaced, bumping floors had caused havoc with the joints and I didn't think I'd be able to perform as well as I could. Strange thing though, these metal knee bits and pieces have given me a new lease of life. I can run and play football again with the grandkids. My 2 sons think I'm stark raving bonkers and I should act more like a grandad, but I don't know how grandads are supposed to act. One of mine I never saw and the other died before he was 30.

Well anyway, I suppose I've got to write something about Site Sell otherwise I'd have wasted my time and could have been in front of the telly watching a 1950's film. On second thoughts I could be out on the field knocking the ball about, My son Paul keeps my Insurance policy in his wallet

Just before I write something about Site Sell, there's another thing I should mention and it's another reason I eventually ended up with a website. I went to night school to become a teacher and part of the training was to teach numbskulls. I was trying to teach them how to add. 1 and 1 are 2 and there is no soforth. It was break time and during this smoking recess one of my numbskulls stuck a pencil in the head of another numbskull. I decided there and then to use the remaining lead in my pencil and began thinking of creating a website.

Site Sell didn't come along straight away. I went through the whole process of getting ripped off first as it seems most people do. Aint it good when you're part of the majority. Is it hell as like. I'd forked out thousands to those ...tards and not a sausage back. This industry has to be the most corrupt I've ever experienced. Anyway one of these rogues who'd sabotaged my money charged me and sent me a free book. It happened to be the only good thing that came from them. It was a Master's Internet marketing course and at first I thought it was their pile of rubbish but for some sinking reason I decided to keep hold of it, to stand on when I put the noose round my neck

It actually wasn't theirs at all which is why I eventually read it. Not that I understood it, I wasn't a Guru overnight. I will never be a Guru anyway because I'd much rather be a footballer.

So folks, that is, those who've looked at the film and decided a read was better than a film seen a thousand times, go grab a free copy. It's the only one you can trust.

Click FREE Website Building Course if you want one.

There's lots more about SiteSell the product if you care to read more. Be my guest.

About SiteSell
Expect the best and receive it

It doesn’t matter if you are new to this ( as I was in 2010 ) or someone who has had a site which hasn’t been successful. When my friends and relatives asked me about Site Sell, I said to them " Ask me again in 6 months." I told them that for a few reasons
I wanted 6 months to find out if their Action Guide within 'Solo Build It' actually worked.

I didn't want to recommend something I hadn't tried and tested
I didn't know if any of them would have the time or enthusiasm to build their own website. For example : This website took me a few months to build because I could only spend evenings working on it.

  • 1. I wasn't computer savvy
  • 2. Hadn't a clue of how to build pages of content (information and how to write it
  • 3. Was completely baffled as to how to contact advertisers and product suppliers and how to place these within my pages
  • 4. Was clueless of how to attract Traffic ( visitors and customers )
  • I bought the same Ebook which is now a FREE Website Building Course and studied it and studied some more. I couldn't understand it at first, but it did gradually sink in and more so when I began to prepare pages for this site.

    At first I was worried about Site Sell's cost of just under a $1 a day but when I researched other web hosting companies found that most did not include costly add-ons. More importantly as a newbie, only became aware of these add-ons the more I researched.

    Then I found 2 interesting facts : The websites which are hosted by the world's largest web hosts 'Wordpress' on average attract 9 visitors monthly whereas Site Sell's attract 6,400 visitors monthly This equates to 700 times more monthly visitors who are interested in your service or products.

  • Visitors = Success = Income
  • I wasn't through with my investigations yet !

    I wanted my Questions answered. It doesn’t cost anything to ask questions and receive answers, You can even do this by emailing them. If an on-line business is not for you, find out before you spend any money.

    I wanted Proof from their website owners, some of whom who wrote about the most absurd topics, that they were successful.

    Then I had to see those Results to be convinced.

    An excellent introduction about Sitesell/SBI and how it works can be found by clicking on this Link

    Having completed my research I joined them. I do not pay any advertising costs. My website attracts thousands of visitors per month because I have followed all their instructions.. I work hard to understand how to continually build this website which will rank highly without any advertising and which will give me an income for the rest of my life (providing of course that like the houses I built, the site is maintained to remain in 'tip top shape' )

    There’s a pay monthly option, which is what I do and a 90 day money back Guarantee. Guaranteed.

    I was worried when I began this site that I might not start things correctly so I enquired about SiteSell Services who set me off on the right path. They will build your whole site too if you haven’t much time to spare. You can find out more by following this link to Services I did help them by providing bits and pieces of information, so they don't get all the credit!

    Once the website was set up for me I began to build additional pages via their block by block, building method, which has now been updated and made far easier with Blockbuilder 2 (28/03/2012)BlockBuilder 2

    If you want an experts opinion of Site Sell look no further than Google. They have placed Sitesell/SBI to the top of the page rankings, when you search for "best way to build an e-business" 22/12/2011

    Having now experienced everything about SiteSell, I have to say that they have given me what I gave my two sons and apprentices.. Guidance, Encouragement, Patience and in Sitesell's case a profitable web business.

    Guidance to build correctly with their 10 day instructional videos. They were FREE until recently, but you can still view a shortened version by clicking here,then scrolling down to SBI Video Tour

    Encouragement in their communications, emails, support (they reply almost before I’ve sent the damned query.)

    And commitment, the boss Ken Evoy wants to know everything. I’ve never known such devotion. I don't know of any other hosting 'boss' who will reply to me if I have a problem. He is the reason everyone who puts in the effort will build successful websites and that means 'profitable'. Just in case he reads this, I’ll not say any more about him, enough can be read elsewhere as he is mentioned in over 30 books on business and e-commerce.

    He is in the video at the top of this page, where he talks about Sitesell/Solo Build It and from where you can delve further into the benefits the company provides, along with seeing for yourself a few of the many success stories.

    I sincerely wish you success

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