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Searching for lathe tools should begin with the most renown of all worldwide manufacturers, Robert Sorby, who for 2 centuries have been 'leaders of the pack'.

They produce more turning tools each and every year than anyone else and are the benchmark by which all others are judged.

Sorby produce all their own products in their Sheffield factory, unlike many other companies who source products from others.

Just as the world keeps revolving, Sorby tools keep evolving with new and improved products such as their recently designed Tool Sharpening System.

I would have given them a complete disservice if I hadn't placed them at the top of this page.

Tool demonstrations can be viewed on their site. It's well worth a look.

Almost Tieing

Hot on their tails are Henry Taylor whose forte is to consult and work alongside wood turning professionals to continually develop their range of lathe tools.

Who better than the pro's can give this essential information, from which the manufacturer can continually improve to compete with the best.

Taylor also produce a broad range of lathe and woodworking tools, perhaps not as exhaustive as Sorby, but nevertheless more than sufficient for aspiring turners and professionals alike.

Research of Suppliers shows that these two brands are always cream of the crops.

Thinking of Economy

lathe tools

In a lower price range are Hamlet Craft Tools and Crown Hand Tools and in these budget controlling economic times a sound choice.

Both companies continue to develop and enhance their tool range, improving the quality of their High speed steel blades efficiency, which in turn reduces the need of constant re sharpening.

Starter Packs

When considering how to identify what constitutes a selection of woodturning tools to include in a starter pack, there are differences of opinion between everyone. No doubt that is because there are so many tools from which to choose and also because we are influenced by our individual projects and the tools most suited to accomplish them.

Even the manufacturers do not agree.

I will plump for the recommendation of a six starter pack, from the industry leader Robert Sorby. They, more than anyone, know which are the most popular via their statistics.

The cost of their starter pack is on a par with the leading maufacturers, but there are many cheaper makes which I will not recommend due to their inferior quality.

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A Beginners Preparation

Where better to start than with an instructional DVD

Robert Sorby Starting Out Woodturning DVD

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