Bird Feeder Plans

Snack Shop Bird Feeder Woodworking Plan

Choosing from all the bird feeder plans ( which are available by clicking on the images or underlined text ) can be quite simply considering which one will attract the birds. Coupled with this is how you imagine it in your garden.

I chose the one above because I liked it the best . Specifically I liked the modern shape, the tone of the lumber and the perspex feeding sides and in my reasoning I said, " If I would feed from it, so should the birds." Quite ridiculous really, I prefer eating from a plate with a knife and fork, although I do have quite a large beak !

Another consideration is "How easy is it to Build" For me as a carpenter very easy.

  • There are no joints to make
  • All the sections can be made by hand tools
  • Easily fixed together with screws and nails ( use ring nails, they hold better than smooth )
  • Any type of wood can be used
  • Being quite small doesn't take long to make
  • Along with the smooth lines of the box shape there is also the rustic charm created by the twigs
  • More variety of bird feeder plans along with bird house plans can be found in the pictures below, 37 in total.

    27 Birdhouses and Feeders Plans6 Birdfeeder PlansBirdhouses and Feeders PlansBirdhouse/Birdfeeder Woodworking Plan

    I rather like the stem of the one on the left below and the other reminds me of old fashioned street lighting. It’s taken some imagination to have thought of these designs. Why should only the bird feeder be attractive ? These are made with bases allowing the position to be altered. A good idea if you have a pristine lawn or a cobbled yard.

    HUGE Birdfeeder w/ Stand Plans>Gazebo Birdfeeder Plans

    From bird feeder plans you can build this low level feeder or water bowl. Caution here though, I would recommend that you use a miter saw to cut the 22.5 degree angles.

    Timber Bird Bath or Feeder Plans

    Cedar Bird House & Feeder, Plan No. 931These are rather zany and probably too narrow to fit at the top of a pole. Better to hang these from a tree, fencing or wall. Bit of a mixture too, the plain looking house with the curved feeder, a good compliment. I like the reflective roof too, which helps to keep the heat of a Summers day at bay.

    And finally for us all with a sense of humour, a boot. It could be in fact one of my old work boots, but I wouldn’t have allowed mine to be eaten from, the poor birds would never have flown within 50 yards.Novelty Bird Feeder Plan

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