Better Than Best Stanley Screwdrivers

by Richard

One I borrowed

One I borrowed

When a ratchet screwdriver replaced the ordinary screwdriver it also replaced to a certain extent blisters. At the time I thought it would never be surpassed. If you are unfamiliar with the ratchet you only had to grasp the handle and twist your wrist to the right to screw and left to unscrew.
Then along came the Stanley 'Yankee' pump driver.
The pump turned out to be the best and most ingenious tool I have used.
If I remember correctly I think the smallest at about 12" fully extended was the first. It was the first I had anyway and I will look in my now abandoned old tool box to try to find it.
That is of course if my ex wife will allow me to search in what used to be my toolshed.
If I can again remember, I think these pump drivers came in 3 sizes, the largest being about 24" fully extended,maybe a bit longer, if you'll pardon the pun.
I had 3 of these because the mechanism wore with lots of use.
I never thought of having them repaired because I needed them almost every day. When I wasn't screwing with it I was always playing, pumping it in and out, it was kind of meditative.
1 slotted bit came with the purchase. So many years ago'Phillips' heads had not been invented.
I could never imagine that screwing could get any easier.
How wrong was I !
Battery drills are now a must have and the one I like most is the 18v DeWalt.
Time will tell if this tool can ever be beaten.

Sorry to have been a bit vague here, perhaps someone with a better memory can correct any mistakes.

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