Woodworking for Women

Woodworking for women implies to me that woodwork is a completely different hobby or profession than wooworking for men. I DON'T think so !

Try telling that to the Chinese woman Lady Lun, 2,500 years ago

I agree that the profession has been male dominated but it had to be that way.

Children had to be born for a start, homes had to be kept, food had to be sourced and cooked, cleaning had to be done.

It's only recently that roles have changed a little, apart from childbirth men are becoming house... husbands/partners/fathers/cookers/cleaners, ridding the house of mites.

Little pests around the house.

Away with my pedestal, let's get cracking.

Develop A Feeling

I began my woodworking career many years ago by getting a feel for the tools and characteristics of wood by making joints. Cutting straight, planing to a line, observing the grain and how to and not to chisel.

What helped me most at that time was to do some carving, because when I fouled up, I could always try to create something else with the same piece of wood.

Another big plus was that I could carve almost anywhere because no dust was created. Not on nylon carpets though.

I learned that the grain sometimes kids you. One minute you can be cutting with it, then in the same stroke against it and as you carve you will notice this too. When you're against the grain the wood roughens and the blade of your tool digs in.

Salad spoon and fork are a good way for us all, not just woodworking for women, to get used to the wood grain and also experience handling age old tools. You'll be cutting with the grain, across it and sometimes against it.

You'll be sanding the wood smooth and learning about substances to treat the timber.

Scrap wood or offcuts can be found almost everywhere. Builders skips, refuse dump, fallen trees, ring a friend.

I will suggest though that you obtain very sharp tools, the best are from Del Stubbs at Pinewood Forge or Mora of Sweden. Flexcut also produce good tools and a little cheaper. A long 8omm slim bladed knife and a spoon or hook knife and timber approx 350mm x 35 x 60 will get you creating in no time.

Look at the site of Robin Wood, he has a demonstration of the process

Forward and Onward
Woodworking for Women

Once you've discovered how to work timber grain and completed and perhaps sold your first creation it may be time to move forward. Unless of course you enjoyed it that much you want to continue.

For the sake of progression why not do some wood turning, make your own wooden lathe they are quite simple to make, or maybe you want to get into construction.

Tool costs are now a big consideration but you don't always have to buy new as there is EBay and other tool auctions. Throughout this website you will find best tool guides and practices learned over 40 years but I digress.

Turning is not just pleasurable but really rewarding because there are many items which require the skill, just have a good look around you.

Table legs,lamp stands, stair spindles, bowls,place mats, coasters you can even turn your own writing pens. You may not want to develop any more skills even if you had the time.

There are college courses available for everyone, evenings too and you will also come across demonstrations of carving, whittling, turning, furniture making.

Woodworking for women, no it's for everyone.


It was suggested in an article I read recently that if you were struggling to see a line to which you were planing, to put the plane in a vice and run the wood over it, so that the line could be seen.

No, no, no.. Don't ever do this. It's frought with danger. Even if you attach blocks to the timber to help keep your fingers away from the blade, eventually you'll become blase about it and not bother.

Besides which the blade is always exposed and besides which any clogging between the blade and its mouth neads clearing. Release the plane, clear it, clamp it again. No, no, no.

Sooner or later you'll take the skin off your fingers !

Always take the hand tool to the wood, you don't take salt to the sea.

Moving Forward

Are you here for a new hobby and are you hoping you can eventually become successful enough to make a business from this. Certainly if you are passionate about it you can. In fact you don't need to become an expert in your hobby to create a business, you might just have a good knowledge of it and want to write about your experiences.

I'm amazed at the variety of businesses which have succeeded with the craziest of subjects. Could this be a great idea ? Take a peak at SBI, they are the best.

Solo Build It!

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