This Butcher Shouldn't Be Grinding

by David

I had a job paving a yard about 30 years ago and my father in law Tom, retired butcher but only aged about 50, came along to help.
As in most paving jobs there are always cuts to be made, particularly around the edges.
I had at the time, a Makita 9" angle grinder which packed one hell of a kick when first started.
You had to hold on to it with all your strength, one hand on the starter handle, the other on the side grip.

It was back breaking work and I had left all the cuts till last, so after cutting a few slabs, Tom wanted to take over.

I told him to be very careful and to start and stop the grinder to get a feel for the tool before he began cutting.
He felt confident and began.

As the blade dug into the slab he must have altered the angle of cut slightly to try to keep the cut straight and the grinder jammed and threw him over.
He did a wonderful somersault and landed on his back, the grinder whirring away, just clearing his chest.

Quickly, I'd never moved as fast, I ran to the plug to disengage the power, then rushed back to Tom to take the grinder off him.

He recovered from the shock and the exercise very quickly and undeterred wanted another try.

'Hells Bells' I thought, my wife will never forgive me if I take him home in two pieces.
But I couldn't disuade him.

Do you know what he did?
You've guessed!
Exactly the same. It was like an action replay.

Needless to say the Makita didn't get near him again, he was even too scared to put it in the truck once we had fiished for the day.

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Aug 17, 2012
Almost Butchered NEW
by: Anonymous

He must have been missing the sght of blood !

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