Perfect Storage Shed Plans

Is it pre prepared storage shed plans you are searching or do you want some ideas at this moment ? Watch the video within the highlighted link if you can spare a few minutes. It had me laughing at the speed of the men. I wonder how long it actually took. A day at least I'd suggest. It’s a link to a plans website and you will be pestered to stay on the page for their special offers.

You may not have fully decided what and where you are going to place items in your shed. Items such as : d.i.y tools, garden mower, steps or ladders, decorating materials, a work space, maybe small workbench, garden furniture, garden implements, cabinets, drawers and shelves,, bicycle and sports equipment and storage shed preservative.

A rough sketch of how you are going to arrange some or all of the above items will be a good starting point and will determine the actual size you need.

You will probably find that you need more space than anticipated. storage shed plans

From a storage shed plan, I built this shed 9 yrs ago utilising the roof from an old garage

Shed Requirements

You will reqire a solid standing on which to place your shed or a foundation, even if it is just stones on compacted ground, because there will likely be quite a bit of weight to be distributed.

How tall are you and what is the height of anyone likely to enter , because this could affect the roof design. Sloping or pitched roof plan.

Will the roof covering be mineral felt, shingle or do you want it to blend with your house roof. The more weight applied to the roof, the stronger the supporting roof spars should be.

A reinforced door in this day and age is a good idea to include in your planning because you will be placing valuable items inside.

You will also need lighting via electricity or natural light, either a window or more securely a roof light, maybe a Velux window.

A power point too comes in handy and you will need to pick up from the nearest point available. Alternatively a power lead could be run from the house.

Plan the route you will take to your garden shed, will you need stepping stones or a path laid.

Location Location

There are shed plans to butt against the wall, along with many others, but this is a plan supplier who sells in bulk for every conceivable wooden structure which may be too many for you.

Free standing storage shed designs, you will find here at 2 go to Categories in the left column, then Barns/Garages. You may find a plan to suit your requirements and can be bought individually saving you some hard earned money. There is one, painted red which looks a bit shaky, but I promise you, I did not build it.

If it is to be positioned near a fence or wall there is maintenance to think about

That is enough for you to consider but once you sit down with a few thoughts it won't take long for your storage shed plans to blossom into reality.

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