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You couldn’t make a better choice than a Jet for your busy workshop and you are not limited to just one saw but a range of them which I have placed below beginning with the smaller woodworking machines. I will give you the basics of each saw because their full features are displayed when you click on the links. I don't like repeating myself, ,myself.

You are probably aware of the good reputation Jet machines have formed over the years which is probably why you have arrived here. I regularly search for the best value for each Jet bandsaw quoted and as you will notice there are a few suppliers. The carousel at the top shows band saws available from Amazon. The majority of those below are from competing distributors. Tool King are priced in $’s and £’s.

New product arrival is the JET 714500 JWBS-14SF 1-3/4 HP 1 Phase 14-in Steel Frame Band Saw priced at $1,899.99

Jet 707200 JWBS100S Bandsaw

JET 707200 B3NCH and 153, JWBS-100S, 10 in. Band Saw with Stand is best priced at 3 suppliers CPO JET, Tyler Tool and Amazon at the same price of $ 374.99. It can also be supplied from Northern Tool but is more expensive by $ 30. Main features of this bandsaw are :

  • Heavy-Duty 1/2 HP motor
  • 4½"; depth of cut
  • Weight 70lbs benchtop design , it's not too heavy to transport as it comes with a seperate table
  • Oversized, ergonomic knobs ( think that must mean 'big but precise'. Sounds better I suppose !)
  • A benchtop model Jet Bandsaw JWBS-9

  • Priced at £ 146.64 at Woodworking Centre Shop and its 12" table tilts both ways 45 degrees
  • Depth of cut 3⅛" and width to 9"
  • 35W Quiet Induction motor
  • Comes complete with A 60 degree miter gauge, rip fence, 6mm blade and worklight

    Jet 708113a

    JET 708113A JWBS-14OS, 14 in. Open Stand Band Saw is a model at 170lbs suitable for a hobbyist yet sturdy enough for a profesional and some of the features I look for are ;

  • Cutting height of 6" and width of 13½:"
  • Table size of 14" x 14"
  • Voltage 115v
  • Price $ 679.99 at CPO JET and Tyler Tool

  • Jet 71011k Bandsaw

    The JET 710116K JWBS-14DXPRO, 14-in Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit is best priced at CPO JET and Amazon at $ 999.99, whereas at Northern Tool it is $ 1,099.99.

  • 1¼" HP and 115/230V
  • Cutting depth of 12" and width 13½"
  • 10 degree tilt to left and 45 to right
  • Weight in shipping 258lbs

  • Jet 708116k 14MW Bandsaw

    The JET 708116K JWBS-14MW has a cutting width of 13½" and depth of 8" and priced at $ 899 at Amazon and another $ 0.99 at CPO JET and Tyler Tool

  • 1HP, 1 Phase, 230V/460V
  • 45 degree Right tilting table of 15" x 15"
  • Currently unavailable (7/1/2013)

  • Jet 708115k Bandsaw

    JET 708115K JWBS-14CS, 14 in. Closed Stand Band Saw

  • Cutting height of 6" and width 13½"
  • Table 15" x 15"
  • Weight 185lbs and voltage 115v
  • Price $ $ 749.99 at Amazon, another $ 0.70 at CPO JET, Tyler Tool and International Tool Corp

  • Jey 414483 Bandsaw with blade welder

    As the price suggests the Jet 414483 Vertical Bandsaw w/ Blade Welder VBS-1408 is a heavy duty Jet bandsaw for continuous shop production and enables the cutting of ferrous metals

  • Variable speeds for different materials and sizes
  • Multi tilting table. Forward 15 degrees and left and right 12 degrees
  • 20" x 20" table
  • 1 HP, 1 Ph, 115/230V Motor
  • Cutting width of 14"
  • Weight 580lbs
  • Price $4,399 £2739.57 at Tool King
  • Same price at CPOJET, Tools Plus, International Tool Corp and Amazon
  • $ 7,586.47 at Sears

  • A large designed 240V saw is the Jet JWBS-16 Mk2 with a 16⅞" square table, The mitre gauge tilts 60 degree both ways. Priced at Woodworking £ 1,165.13 plus the dreaded VAT

    Jet 710751B Bandsaw

    JET 710751B JWBS-18QT-3 3 HP, 18-in Bandsaw with Quick Tension and 230V with a 19" square table

  • Cutting depth of 12¼" and width 18⅜"
  • Angle cuts 10 degree left and 45 right
  • Priced at $1,939.99 £1183.26 at Tool King, CPOJET, Tyler Tool and Amazon.

    Jet 708754b Bandsaw

    The Jet 708755B JWBS-20QT-5, 5 HP, 20-in Bandsaw with Quick Tension is another of the larger Jet bandsaw models it is designed for the larger and regular stock cutting having a 21" x 21" table cutting to a height of 12¼" and width 20". It's very sturdy at 550lbs having a 5HP motor, 15AMP and 1Phase 220V. Priced at $3,159.99 £1,930.59 at Tool King, Tools Plus, Tyler Tool and Amazon

    A 3HP version the JET 708754B JWBS-20QT-3, 20 in. 3 HP, 1 Ph Band Saw with Quick Tension can be bought from CPOJET for $ 2799.99

    Jet 414459 Vertical Horizontal Bandsaw

    A horizontal/vertical bandsaw model is the JWBS-20Q, detailed at CPO JET as the JET 414459 HVBS-7MW, 7 in. x 12 in. 3/4 HP 1-Phase Horizontal/Vertical Band Saw which is the same price at International Tool Corp and Amazon of $1,099

    Jet 414476-4 Bandsaw

    And if you fancy a machine providing assistance on heavy production this JET 414476-4 J-7060-4, 440V Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw will save you hours of standing by the machine. There is a price to pay though which is $10,999.99 from CPO JET, but it has increased in price by $1350.00 since January.

    And that just about wraps it up for my selction of the Jet Bandsaw. You can see from their variety, that Jet make machines for everyone's requirements. I hope you find what you are looking for and wish you many happy hours of bandsawing !!

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