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japanese knives

Japanese knives may leave you wondering, what does a carpenter know about knives. Well.. I'm a cook at home and chief pot washer too. Having worked in the woodworking trade all my life and having bought Kershaw knives I know the importance of sharpness and how that makes the job so much easier.

I began the day by reviewing japanese knives made by six manufacturers, but it didn't take me long to realise, that three stood apart from the others.

I put aside Mac, Ginsu and Kotubiki, because when I'm considering spending a lot of money, I might as well buy the best, not only for sharpness but also for look and feel.

Once you have seen the three I do recommend, by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, then take a look at the others. I think you will agree with me.

Let's see what the top three have to offer and not get bogged down with technical aspects which you will find when viewing their products. I will though mention certain differences between them.

Shun Knives

I'm not going to specify all the individual knives because the range is large, every conceivable kitchen knife you could dream about, but I need to mention one which otherwise you could be confused about.

The Santoku is a type of knife, not a make, which comes in a few different blade lengths. The biggest seller, not only in the Shun range but of all manufacturers it is known as a general purpose knife.

Shun or Kai Shun and sometimes Ken Shun and more stragely Ken Onion japanese knives are regarded the best in the business and are the world's most popular brand, despite their short existence since 2003.

Some Shun knives are sharpened one side only, so when buying you need to specify whether you are right or left handed. These types are the Shun Pro Line, the traditional japanese knives.

If they ever lose their edge, Shun will re-sharpen them free of charge. I presume though you will have to pay packing and posting.

Harder and sharper, lightweight and perfectly balanced, 16 layered finest SG-2 stainless steel blades, resin and light beech polymer impregnated moisture resistant handle.

The Shun is a beauty to behold.

Global Cutting

japanese knives

Designed in 1985 Global knives, are distinctive because their blades are sharpened to the tip ensuring longer lasting sharpness.

Unusually, but I think very cleverly their hollow non slip grip handle has sand within, which shifts during use giving optimal weight ditribution where the pressure is needed. Not that much is needed though, their blades are honed to perfection.

Global have a vast range of culinary knives sold on every continent and used extensively in retaurants and kitchens and are a little cheaper than the Shun brand.

You won't be disapointed with these gorgeous creations.

Wusthof Knives

japanese knives

The most distinctive feature of Wusthof knives is their one piece construction, the blade and handle are as one, tempered high carbon stainless steel. Once again their cutting edges are razor sharp, which is not surprising as they have been perfecting their crafstmanship since 1814.

What I also like are their handles. Each type of knife is individually shaped to suit the blade.

They have refined the Santoku I mentioned earlier by hollowing the blade which helps to scrape up chopped food.

Wusthof too have a large selection from which to choose and also knife packs of their most popular brands.

German manufacturers but again selling their excellent products throughout the planet earth.


The knives mentioned above are not only razor sharp when first bought but stay sharper much longer than the bog standard.

I wish my woodworking tools had been made to the same exacting specification.

The links below will open a new window to take you directly to their sites.

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