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The history of Hitachi power tools began in 1948. Most notable for the company’s high speed motors, electronic control technology, and precision machining, this manufacturing unit was started to meet increasing demand for industrial tools. However, it wasn’t until 1973, that Hitachi began to exports these tools to markets around the world.

Entering the US Market

The 1980s brought Hitachi tools to the United States. A reputation was quickly built on the quality of the sliding compound miter saw and the pneumatic framing nailer. Research, innovation, and development became the main focus and many power tools were the result. Pioneering such tools as the cordless impact driver, sliding compound miter saw, and the 10-minute rapid charger and batteries. By 1994, Hitachi was manufacturing power tools in the United States.

Over 1000 Models of Power Tools

There are over more than a thousand models of power tools available today. These tools are focused on the high out-put motor technology, but with a compact size. Hitachi is proud of their recognition for ISO 9000 standards for quality assurance and ISO 14001 certification.

There is one area of sales that Hitachi really seems to fill a need. This is for reconditioned sales. Many customers will return a product after finishing a project or without any packaging. A few returns may be defective.

Hitachi has a complete department dedicated to selling remanufactured and reconditioned power tools. Each tool that is sold after repair or reconditioning is accompanied by a certification stating the product meets or exceeds the requirements for safety and operation.

In addition to getting fantastic power tools at a great price, there is also a warranty for the item, either through Freud or Hitachi. The service is backed by Hitachi’s Reconditioned Sales, Inc.

Cheaper Than Some Competitors

Hitachi Power Tools will cost you about half of the price of a similar DeWalt tool. After reading many online reviews, there are many woodworkers who prefer DeWalt tools, however, simply because they seem to have more power and the batteries last a bit longer. If you are looking for a good power tool for use around your home or for smaller tasks, the Hitachi power tool is an affordable choice. For daily use, though, you may be better off with a DeWalt power tool.

The warranty on Hitachi power tools is six months from the date of purchase, except for pneumatic tools, which have a three month warranty. This does not include Lithium Ion tools, though. That warranty is an industry-leading lifetime warranty and it’s retroactive on tools bought back to 2006. The Lithium Ion batteries have a two year warranty.

Both warranties are very impressive and one that other manufacturers will no likely have to follow in the coming years.

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