Bosch Miter Saw Seeing is Believing

This gliding Bosch miter saw is the first power tool in 62yrs to have set my mouth watering. I'm drooling at the prospect of buying this machine. It looks robotic and I'll bet at the end of its see-saw day, it dusts itself down and packs itself away.

This is the second time on this website that I've heaped praise on a product, but this time I haven't as yet tried it. However, I've seen a demonstration of the miter saw and when I approached too close, it gave me the finger extended from its ball bearinged arm.

It had no right to admonish me, after all its 12" shorter than its rivals. bosch miter saw

Cut to Pieces

The Bosch GCM12SD 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw cuts 14" across the timber grain, which is adequate for most of your requirements, I certainly haven't cut anything bigger on a miter saw. It also cuts to a height of 6 ½” suitable for sawing angles to base or skirting boards.

There are removable bevel supports to aid the cutting of Pelmets, cornices and queer shaped mouldings, negating the need of clamping such items.

The miter saw has integral extendable base sections which enables support of up to 40" which is 60 percent more than any other saw of its kind.

More Features no Nay Never No More

How about, what we call the saw, a chop saw, having an up front bevel control. No more reaching round the back to adjust the setting.

The bosch miter saw can also butt up against a wall with no restrictions of performance. Ideal if you haven't much space in which to work.

You want more ?

It has 10 positive lock in points for all the major angle of cuts you are likely to want and should you now be gasping for breath the bosch miter saw has an adaptable dust extraction fitting should the dust bag not be sufficient.


All things considered, I'd buy it if I needed it. Tool King are cheapest for this product at the moment but the link on the right to CPOBosch or this link to Bosch GCM12SD 12-in Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw are main distributors and you will find some 'lowest' prices on their other models.

They also have reconditioned Saws which might only mean that they have been returned unwanted but for this particular model they are still more expensive by 11 cents from the Amazon new price.

Of all the power tools I've had and still use to this day, the quality of Bosch is undeniable, heck they've been around long enough, they're twice my age and they continue to develop and learn, just the way I'm doing in producing these pages, albeit with considerable help I must add.

Of the same quality but with different specifications and lower prices are their other miter models. There is a choice of blade sizes of 10" and 12" and saws without the sliding mechanism, called 'compound miter saws', some cutting 45 degree angled cuts both ways. Should you not do any large section cross cuts, these would be your choice. You can view and buy if you wish the 10" version Bosch GCM 10 254mm Compound Miter Saw 220 Volt or view the selection of Bosch Miter Saws by clicking this link

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