Bosch Jigsaw Versatility

my bosch jigsaw

My 12 year old jigsaw

Over the last 30 yrs my Bosch Jigsaw has provided the cuts in boat building, construction, benchwork, bar fitting, kitchen and bedroom units and refurbishment.

It should be beat after all that, but there have been two of them and the first was getting on 20yrs when it was burgled.

The Life and Times

Only whilst writing this page did I wonder why ?

That when I began my career as a carpenter 42yrs ago, all the tradesmen in the boat building shop had a Bosch Jigsaw and if memory serves me, they were all barrel held, ie no top handle.

The reason may have been that they were the only brand available at that time because Bosch had invented them.

Before I left 6yrs later, most of us had top handled Jigsaws which I found to have better control and thus stuck with for the rest of my career.

From that date 36 yrs ago, the jigsaw has hardy changed, a rare occurrence. No doubt it has improved by technical advances but the basic shape remains the same.

On rare occasions I have tried other peoples different brands but never have I found one to surpass the Bosch and usually when I comment upon tools I can give at least two recommendations. Not in this case.

Bosch Jigsaw Blades

Whilst the blades are inexpensive, around the $ 12.00 mark for 5, you still need to get the life of the blade to extend as far as possible and to do this don't push excessively, allow the blade to cut. By forcing there is also a tendancy for the blade to wander a little causing more planing to straighten the cut.

When you cut a radius of 2" or less use a thinner blade, which can be bought individually or more economically in packs. A pack of various blades is a good idea and reduces the blade cost to between 1 and 2 dollars. The new appliances have tool-free blade changing, which isn’t a recent improvement as mine has that too.


An addition in their range is the cordless 18v Lithium Ion. I have not had the pleasure of trying this model because I don't need it, but its useful when no power is available and I cannot doubt it won't be inferior. The standards don’t decrease by choosing the less expensive models, for instance if you are cutting small sections the lighter models are fine, I chose the heavier model because it cuts up to 2-1/2" comfortably. Blades can be purchased up to 6" long but I found that the blade tends to wander a little with a bigger depth of cut.


One of the best jigsaws is the Bosch JS470E 7.0 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw available at $149.99.

You can also view other Bosch jigsaws at Amazon who have a good selection of the Bosch range.
( I don't agree with some of their ratings. Or are they just trying to wind me up )

I will endeavour monthly to enquire of 'deals' for the whole range of Bosch tools and will keep you posted in my blog and Discount Tools (Left hand column), however CPO Bosch are always on the cutting edge of prices and you can find other Bosch jigsaws and power tools by following the 3rd link down in the column to the right.

Now then, mustn't be biased, that will apply to all tools you may see on this website. This page excluded of course.

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