Best Used Woodworking Tools

best used woodworking tools

By following the highlighted links below, you will find best used woodworking tools, or repaired or just returned as not required tools, most classed as Used and a little cheaper than the new product.

The hammer is my priority of the woodworking tools. Every home should have one because of its extensive use. The best and standard equipment for a joiner or carpenter is the Estwing hammer available in various weights 16oz - 30oz. I use the Estwing Mfg Co E3-24SM 24-Ounce Straight Claw Hammer Steel Solid Steel Cushion G which may be a little heavy if you haven't much muscle. However I consider it the most versatile as it has the weight for large nailing and the finesse for more delicate work. Even though they are the most durable, comfortable and balanced nail hammer on the market, the best choice is to buy new.

Because of its moulded head and shaft there is no danger of the shaft breaking when clawing out nails or separating pieces of wood.

It's also the easiest hammer to place and extract from your nail pouch cradle, saving bundles of time and frustration.

Don't Burst the Bubbles

Spirit levels are fine as best used woodworking tools, providing you check the bubbles for accuracy. Levels have horizontal and vertical bubbles so to check the vertical, place against a wall or door casing.

Note the position of the bubble then swivel the level so that its other edge is against the wall. If the bubble is in the same position then the vertical is ok.

The horizontal is determined by placing the level on a reasonaly flat surface. Again note the bubble position then swivel it so that the previous left is now the right.If the bubble is in the same position its good to go.

The benchmark of spirit levels was a Stabilla 30 yrs ago, especially for bricklayers who tap the level when aligning their brickwork.

Carpenters don't require such sturdiness unless we continually drop them which may cause a double bubble or at worst alter the settings and I've found that metal frames are better than composite.

The 2 Degrees

The body of the 45 degree Combination Square has a 90 and 45 degree angle which the 12" rule slides between. Its difficult to damage unless the rule has been used as a tin opener and a decent used tool to buy as it's used frequently and shouldn’t cost much. Check that the rule slides easily form one end to the other

A Hand plane is another tool I recommend and if you are wanting an all round performer I suggest the 10" smoothing plane . Be wary of the handle though, quite often the securing bolt works itself loose and the handle can break, so check this before buying. I would also check the blade edge. If it hasn't been sharpened properly or snagged a nail it may need re-grinding.

An axe is a useful tool which I use not only for trimming wood to make wedges but also as a lever when fitting doors to a casing and to tighten against the door edge when drilling for the latch. If it's sharp enough it has often pared my pencil.

When considering chisels, look for splits to the handle. Although it is recommended you should only strike the chisel with a mallet, I have ignored this and use my Estwing. If the chisel is bent it has probably been used for prizing floorboards and not worth buying in the category of best used woodworking tools. Click on the link for a selection of chisels

Sawed Off

Gone are the days, for me at least, when I would spend an hour a week sharpening my Distin saw. We have hard point saws now selling for approx $ 15.00. Razor sharp, in fact I find them easier to use once the edge has dulled a little. These are probably not worth considering as best used woodworking tools because of the price of new ones but you may just find a gem.

The best I've used is the Irwin 1773466 Universal 20-Inch Handsaw If this is one of the first saws you will be buying, then the 20" is fine. I have been used to the slightly longer 22", but recommend the 20" to become used to the smaller length as it is more widely available.

Look for missing teeth or a bent blade and for general woodworking 7 teeth to the inch. You can actually feel for sharpness by lightly touching the teeth but be careful they bite

Pozi and flat

used screwdrivers

My main screwdriver is my DEWALT DC759KA 18-Volt NiCad 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit but ocasionally I use normal screwdrivers and always have a pozi and flat headed driver, usually Stanley Scredrivers . They are really useful for intricate work or when the power tool is just too big or fast for the job. Make sure that the edges don't show excessive wear or have rounded edges. It's handy if they are magnetised too.

Should you be buying a cordless make sure there are two batteries and a charger, keep the drill 'going' for a while and put your nostrils on alert for smells of burning machinery.

My choice of a brand of hand tools has to be Stanley tools because they have remained true, sturdy and reliable throughout my long career and are probably the best used woodworking tools.

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